Dream Interpretation

Recently I had a dream where I was out walking my dog in my neighborhood. My dog Oslo is actually seven, but in the dream he was about six months old. While walking, a cougar suddenly ran up from behind, snatched Oslo from me, then took off. I was upset, but not freaked out as one might expect. I just ran home. Next thing I know, I’m looking out my bedroom window. I saw the cougar across the street in my neighbor’s yard about to eat Oslo. I ran outside, grabbed my dog and quickly went back home. Oslo was fine.

Now, I’m a lucid dreamer (see below for more info) and even though it all ended OK, I wanted a different scenario. So (I’m still asleep) I put us on the same walk but Oslo was the age he is now. The cougar was slowly following us up the street from the wooded path. Oslo was curious about the cougar following us, but not upset. This is the way he always is, even with nasty dogs. I turned around, stared into the cougar’s yellow eyes and firmly communicated to her to leave us alone and that there are plenty of deer and rabbits in the woods to hunt. She stopped and watched, but did not follow us as we continued walking up the street towards home.

When I woke up I began to analyze the dream. If you’ve read Animal Totems, you know that cougars are one of my totem animals. Cougar was the first of my totem animals that I remember since I was 13 and I’ve known for a long time they represent our feminine side and leadership. But, I wanted to know more to better understand what was going on with my subconscious mind. So I did a little checking in my dream book and my spirit animal totem’s book. Note: while I know you can get a lot from the internet, it can be confusing. I highly recommend Kelly Sullivan Walden‘s book, I Had The Strangest Dream… to guide you when it comes to mapping out and understanding your dreams. I’ve checked out many and this one is the easiest to use, makes the most sense and I feel is the best.

Here is a quick interpretation using  I had the Strangest Dream. It’s important to note what your feelings were during a dream. I didn’t feel stressed at any point in my dream. I also used my animal totem sources for details on cougars.

First I figured out the type of dream it was, an integration dream a.k.a “artist”. This is basically about embracing all parts (colors) of yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly. Then I wrote down the important “symbols” in my dream, next my interpretation and lastly the dictionary section in Walden’s book.

Important Dream Symbols:                                                        
1. walking
2. my dog Oslo
3. outside on woodland path
4. street
5. looking out my window
6. my neighbor’s front yard
7. cougar

My Interpretation
1. enjoyable, in charge
2. companion
3. nature
4. familiar/home
5. looking for something
6. friendly
7. feminine, leader             

1. progress, confident
2. my loving side
3. resourcefulness for transformation
4. on the right track in life ->since I didn’t feel stressed
5. ability to be psychic or to glimpse at the truth of what’s going on in my life
6. relationships
7. (cat) feminine essence

Finally, why a cougar? As I said above, cats represent our feminine side and leadership, but I wanted more. So, I looked further in my Ted Andrews’ book
Animal Speaks.

I learned this about cougar energy:
*his keynote on cougars: coming into your own power (makes sense because I’m retiring from teaching and going all out to crank up my own business = huge changes for me.)
* “time to learn about power…test your own”
* “…much of the trial and error has been worked through. Now it’s time to assert gently.”
* Over all message that resonated the most with me…I need to find the balance between asserting myself & honoring my gentleness as well as to leap like a cougar at opportunities.

The last step was putting it all together.
The path I’m walking brings out the love within me for my work. It’s progressing with me in control. My intuition is vital in seeing the broader picture, as well as in forming new relationships. As long as I assert myself with a gentle touch and from the heart, new opportunites will come into view.

So, that’s my dream message. It all makes sense to me. This dream, my subconscious mind speaking to me, has delivered its message and I get it. 🙂

Dreams can show us our road blocks that are hindering us from reaching our greatest expressions (I’ve had many of those kind of dreams over the past few years) and then point us in the right direction of awareness and personal fulfillment. We don’t have to remember or understand our dreams to benefit from their influential gifts. However, when we work with them, they can assist us in growing to our greatest potential quicker and easier. Some can even be life-altering! With that, I invite you to dig deeper into your subconscious by learning about your dreams. Kelly Sullivan Walden is a great place to start.

Happy Dreaming! 


NOTE: I’ve been a lucid dreamer for as long as I can remember, which was when I was about five or six. I kept having a reacurring dream that there were tigers coming up the stairs and waiting outside my bedroom door. I wasn’t afraid, but got tired of the same dream over and over. So one night decided I’d had enough and “edited” the dream in my sleep. Ever since, I’ve had control. Sometimes I let them be and just be a witness to the dream. Other times, I make changes either as I go or go back like the one I shared.
If you’re interested in learning more about lucid dreaming, below are some links to check out.

The Lucidity Institute
Scientific American




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