Sweet Dreams

Feng Shui has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl, I just didn’t know what it was until I was an adult. Back when I first started reading about it, the western world hadn’t caught up with this amazing art and science (yes, science) that had been going on in China for 1,000’s of years. So finding books (no internet yet) wasn’t easy. But I persisted, especially during the four years I worked at my local library.

Through these books I began to apply what I was learning. But there was a problem, I wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. Yes, little changes happened, but not to the degree the authors claimed on their pages. What was I doing wrong?

It took awhile, but I did figure it out. I went to a weekend workshop on the basics of Feng Shui and learned the most important Feng Shui aspect. Energy! Now I did know this, but for some reason never applied it. Either I missed reading it in the books or it wasn’t there. After finishing this first course and later doing the full training for certification, setting an intention and following through with that intention is how Feng Shui works. Hey, just like in life.

In the words of Mike Dooley..”Your thoughts become things.”

So, back to the title of this post: Sweet Dreams

Being that February is the LOVE month, lets take a look at your bedroom.

A few questions to ask yourself:
1. What’s the feeling I get when I walk into my bedroom?
2. Is there clutter?
3. Electronic equipment?
4. A desk? Books…a lot/a few?
5. What do I want my bedroom to express in me?
6. Do I get a good night’s sleep most nights?

Whether you’re looking to spice-up your current relationship, find a new one or just need to get a better night’s sleep, I’ve made a special free print-out just for you.

So grab your free checklist and learn easy tips on how to make your bedroom a place for romance and/or a dreamland!

Just go here, sign up for my BMH Wellness Newsletter and an email will come with 12 tips to Feng Shui your bedroom.

Note: If you signed up in the past, please do so again to get you freebie faster.

Also, I’m always available to answer any questions as well as coming to your home either in person or via the internet for a Feng Shui consultation.

Relationships of all kinds are important to our health and well being as social creatures that we are. Taking some time to focus on the bedroom is a good place to start.


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Welcome to my Body, Mind & Home Wellness Blog! It is my goal to support my clients through inspiration, education and guidance to create wellness in their body, mind, & home through the practices of feng shui, elemental space clearing, yoga, and more.

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