Pets and Essential Oils

oslo and pasha
Oslo and Pasha

In the summer of 2015 my Yellow Labrador Retriever Olso got fleas, even though I had been putting the usual flea applications on him. But now, Oslo’s skin was a mess with hot spots. My vet said the flea & tick stuff was no longer working for him and that he was having an allergic reaction to the flea bites. Ugh! He recommended something newer to be taken orally, but it was pricely. I was desperate to take immediate action to relieve Oslo’s suffering, so I said OK. My vet also recommended I give it to my German Shepherd even though she wasn’t showing any signs of fleas yet. Being that my dogs differ enough in weight, I had to get two different doses which cost me $66 for each. Ugh! I gave the dogs their doses and then read the warning label. Yikes! I prayed they wouldn’t have a reaction, especially since my Shepherd was 13+ yrs. old. They both came through the whole ordeal just fine and Oslo’s skin completely cleared up within two months. Hot spots and fleas gone.

Fall arrived and soon the weather got cold, so my concerns lessened until Spring.  But to be safe, I decided to go back to applying essential oils, Lavender and a Young Living blend called Purification to give my dogs the flea and tick protection they needed since we do get a few snow-less warm days in the winter. When spring arrived I decided to try something different to help Oslo’s allergy to fleas. I did not want to use the chemical stuff at all. After a little research I learned that insects get a deadly reaction to peppermint. It cracks their shell bodies. OK, I thought, this could work since peppermint EO is safe for dogs.

I first did a little experiment with the tiny sugar ants that found their way onto my kitchen counters as soon as the warmer spring air arrived. (I had tried ant traps and they didn’t work + they’re poison.) So I put a few drops of peppermint EO in my palm, then with my fingers I wiped it along the back of the counters where the ants had made their trail. Some dropped dead on the spot and the others ran for their lives! I watched the runners and found the tiny hole in the caulking where they were coming through. I filled the crack after putting some peppermint oil in it and the ants were gone. Now it was time to use the peppermint on the dogs.


Important: Animals are more sensitive to essential oils than humans. You must be very careful when using them on your pets. There are many that are dangerous, even deadly to dogs while save for humans. Cats are even more sensitive. If you decide to use something different from what I suggest, please do your research or ask me.


I mixed about 10 drops of peppermint EO with 3 TBS of oil (I used olive oil) in a glass container to be used on both dogs.  With my finger I spread the mixture on the inside of my dog’s thick nylon collars. It was little messy, but not a big deal. After I got enough on, I let it soak in for about and hour. Then I put the collars back on the dogs being very careful not to let the collar touch their eyes or nose. Remember, animals are sensitive, so put the collars back on as quickly and carefully as you can. Clip on collars work best for this so there’s no chance of getting the collar too close to their nose or eyes. That’s it! Re-apply in about 2-3 weeks. Know that if you can’t smell the peppermint when you put your nose to the collar, it’s time to re-apply. The added benefit to the peppermint is your dog smells great!


Peppermint is safe for cats, but only use 1 drop to the 3 TBS of carrier oil. Also, please read this as well. It explains the do’s and don’t’s with cats.

This worked great…no fleas or ticks, but by mid-summer I had found another recipe to try and liked it even more than the peppermint & oil. First you have to make a light-weight clip-on collar. (I never even looked for one in the store because I don’t think they’re out there, plus I’ve been sewing since I was 5 yrs. old) Then in a small glass dish I mixed the EO’s: 3 drops Purification, 3 drops eucalyptus, 1 drop lemongrass, 2 drops peppermint, and 2 drops pine with 1 teaspoon of witch hazel. (I didn’t have pine, so I used an Evergreen mix) I put one collar in it and pushed it around until all the liquid was absorbed into the collar. Lastly, I hung it up to dry. When it was completely dry, I put the flea collar on my dog. I had to repeat the process for both collars. This flea/tick collar is good for about 28-30 days if it doesn’t get wet. If you have a swimmer…remove the collar until the dog is dry again. While all three methods have worked, this last one is my preference.
Please check out my Liquid Gold post and remember, not all essential oils are the same. Only buy therapeutic grade EO’s!!!  Anything else is not the real thing and most likely has ingredients in it I can’t even pronounce.
Danger! Danger!

Young Living essential oils can be purchased through me using my distributor number. You can sign up yourself using my number (#855934) and have them delivered to your door. If you have any questions, please ask.



Pasha and Oslo



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One thought on “Pets and Essential Oils

  1. How wonderful to see Oslo and Pasha again! They look well! I am going to look into this treatment, although my Libby is responding well to the usual treatment right now. Do you have some essential oil treatments for dogs with anxiety? Libby has a very small safe zone, and will only walk on leash so far. I occasionally rub her with lavender wipes, but if you have something else I could try I would appreciate the information.


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