The Moon and Stars Up Above

As a child did you love to star-gaze or stare out your bedroom window at the full moon and wonder? I certainly did and still do.

Star and moon gazing are actually healthy activities to do regularly, even if for as little as 10-20 minutes. If you have kids or grandchildren, it’s also fun to use a glow-in-the-dark constellation book to locate constellations and learn about the stories behind them. (The link above is what I used with my kids….one of many)    

So, how are these activities healthy? (sounds weird doesn’t it?) Plus they aren’t the only healthy sky-gazing activities. So are watching sunsets and sunrises. First of all, it gets you outside and if you don’t know it already, getting outside in nature is super important to a healthier you. Even just a 20-minute dose of fresh air can give you a sense of vitality. After all, nature fuels the soul. Studies have shown that connecting with nature is more energizing than a cup of coffee! I’m not a caffeine user, so I can’t vouch for that, but it does help you appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts, brings you into the present moment as well as giving the illusion of time slowing down by creating a feeling of “awe”. It may even get your creative juices going or touch you right down into your soul. As for me, I get a warm glowing feeling in my heart chakra. If practiced on a regular basis, the experiences become deeply spiritual that can have a positive, healing, restorative effect on your body and mind by easing stress, anxiety and depression. May even reduce inflammation. So simple, so easy and free!

Again, if you have kids, it also gives you and your children quality time together and teaches them, by example, the value of connecting with nature. My favorite and most cherished memories growing up were the many cross-country camping trips with my family. We looked at the night sky locating constellations or sat around the campfire talking about the days experiences of hiking, talking about the areas natural wonders and its ancient people while eating gingerbread. (My mom figured out a way to make great gingerbread on a camp stove…yum!)

There are other ways to celebrate the moon and those amazing twinkling stars.
Here are a few ideas:
* Include moon salutations in your yoga practice, especially during a new and full moon.
* Meditate outside in the moonlight/starlight. Click on moon phase chart for intentions.
* Have a problem? Many ancient civilizations looked to the stars for guidance.
* Just dance in the moonlight & under the stars….it’s dark, no one will see you. 😉
* Look for constellations and learn their stories.
* Look for falling stars (meteorites) especially during August & December.

So get out tonight and every night!

Happy Sky Gazing!




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