Intentions For A New Year

Do you make New Year’s resolutions, then by February you’re back to your old ways and the promises you set for yourself are just a fleeting memory? Sound familiar? Making a resolution is just another way to set yourself up for failure. That’s why I take a slightly different approach and set an intention(s).

Here are 5 simple steps that will help you move into a happier and healthier New Year.
1. Make a list of 5 intentions, not wants or needs. “I desire to…” Then ask yourself if you are doing what needs to be done to align yourself with those intentions. (see cartoon…is this you?)
2. Align yourself with positive opportunities (network, be open to different ways they can manifest, spend time with positive like-minded people) to allow the Universe to do it’s part.
3. Clear out old habits, behaviors and patterns of thinking. This is crucial to bring about any kind of change or opportunity.
4. Be grateful and appreciative.
5. Be responsible for and honest with yourself and the energy you bring into any environment.

Check out the blog entry from Dr. Matt. He gives an easy to understand analogy when it comes to intentions and how the energy of the universe works with them.

Then, find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Visualize your intentions 1 at a time and see yourself realizing these goals, what does it feel/look/smell like, and keep the breath smooth and even to help you focus. Stay with the breathing for 5-10 minutes.
Hint: Doing this when there’s a new moon is the perfect time to set new intentions.

Now, lets take a quick look at 2016 from a numerological perspective?
2016 is a Universal 9 year (2+0+1+6=9) and the number 9 is about endings. But with endings come new beginnings. 2016 also can be a very karmic year. It is a time when we could receive the karma from the good or the bad we have done.

We each have our own personal year, which will have a bigger influence on you. Your personal year is calculated from your birthday plus the current year. For example, I’m going into a personal year of 3. While a personal year of 3 is basically about putting my best foot forward, a time to cultivate friends and associations for my desires, the energy of a universal year of 9 will contribute its energy to how 2016 will play out for me. So my intention for 2016 is to use my creativity, imagination and inspiration to accomplish and further my goals. I’ll have to do some “clearing out” (9 energy) as well. Without going into details, this is so right for me at this time it’s almost spooky. I love how numerology works!

So, knowing what your personal year is could help you plan and reach those intentions you set for yourself. It all comes down to energy. How it flows through and around you. So, why not work with all the support you can.


P.S. If you would like a personal mini reading to learn what your personal year is and how to work with the energy, just click here.


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