It’s All In Your Face…

Did you know that your face reads like a map?

Your face can point the way to a deeper understanding of yourself as well as of every person you meet. And just like a map, this information is available to anyone who can read it. Learning to read a face is a lot like learning a new language, but fortunately its a language that we already know even if you don’t realize it.

Face Reading (physiognomy) gives us insight into our own and others hidden personality, past history, current situation and future development. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. It’s isn’t fortune-telling and it’s as relevant today as it was in ancient China. Being that Chinese Medicine grew out of face reading, it’s frequently used to help build a patient’s mental and physical state in order to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

I became interested in Chinese Face Reading many years ago when I learned of the teachings of Jean Haner in her book, The Wisdom of Your Face. Most recently I participated in 4 days of training with Jean and experienced many “aha” moments.

Our faces and our birthdate (not numerology or astrology) give us more information than you can imagine. All those parts of us that make you who you are, are written all over your face, including the lines and wrinkles. BTW: those lines and wrinkles have lessons for us and when we can learn those lessons, lines can disappear. However, there are good wrinkles too that we’ve earned and want to keep. For example, joy lines (a.k.a. crow’s-feet) because they show us and the world the joy we’ve felt in our life. Without them, we have the opposite – not a good thing. Another example are the tiny vertical lines above and below the lips. They show us that we’ve been way too busy taking care of others that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves. The “over mothering” behavior that many people, especially women, have done for many years. These lines have actually vanished on people who have done the inner work needed to love and care for themselves more.

Here are a few more examples…
A round forehead shows that the person is creative and intuitive. If the forehead is domed, these traits are magnified.

The eyebrows indicate the amount of drive, confidence and ambition – as well as impatience, frustration and anger a person may have. This doesn’t mean you’re an angry person, but the tendencies are there. I have strong eyebrows and know first hand about the strength of these traits in me. The shape and the spacing of the eyebrows also plays a part. You’ve all seen the eyebrows some women have reshaped into thin lines. Well, it weakens a person’s inner strength and self-confidence – not a good thing.

The eyes are the window to the heart. The larger and more open the eyes, the more open the person. The more deep-set and narrow, the more private. Not good or bad, but just the way they are.

The mouth, among other traits, tells how emotionally important relationships are. A large mouth shows this importance and a small mouth shows a lesser need. A note here on size: the size of a feature is always relative to the face it is on. What’s large on one face may be small on another. This is why it’s important to look at the whole face.

Each and every one of us is born with an inner design that can be read on our faces and birth dates. We can’t fight it, it’s who we are. That’s a good thing. After all, we don’t want everyone to be the same! But, it is our choice whether or not to live in balance with what we’ve been given and make the best of our inner design.

There is beauty in every face!


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