Navajo Country

When I was 8 years old my family took one of many camping trips through the southwest. During this trip my father’s main objective was to visit National Parks in northern Arizona and southern Utah. Since we were driving from Houston Texas, we made various stops along the way to get across Texas and northern New Mexico on our way to Navajo country. IMG_0006

Being that I was born in December, my birthstone is turquoise. Now here we were in the heart of Navajo country where turquoise jewelry was everywhere and I felt I was finally old enough to have a piece of my own. I had been admiring my mother’s stunning pieces for years that she had collected on our previous trips to the 4 corners area. Now it was my turn.

After hounding my mother for days and begging her to stop at one of the many trading posts we passed, she finally gave in. Her moment of weakness came when we were near Navajo Mountain either coming or going from Monument Valley. There was a lovely view of the sacred mountain from the trading post.

My mother and I went into the store, which looked like your typical south-western style trading post and we walked towards the left rear corner of the store. (the wealth corner in feng shui…interesting) I remember hooking may hands on the glass counter top as I squatted down pressing my nose against the side of the glass case in amazement of the magnificent display in silver and blue. I thought, how am I going to decide what I want. But, I’m guessing my mother spoke to the woman behind the counter asking for something appropriate for an 8 yr. old. Certainly nothing like the squash-blossom necklace that I really wanted similar to what my mother had.
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An old Navajo man came out from a small room in that back corner near to where I was looking in the display cases. Now, I have no idea how old the man was, but he had that weathered skin like so many Native American’s had in that region of the county. He could have been 50 or 100, but to this 8 yr. old mind, he was just old. He was adorned in large amounts of magnificent turquoise jewelry that sparkled against the rich color of his velvet shirt.
He asked me to come into his back room where he was making jewelry and said he had a special piece just for me. I still remember how I felt when I saw him and heard those words. This old Navajo man had kind, soulful eyes and a beautiful smile to match the wisdom that seemed to spilled out of every line on his face. I was awestruck. He brought me over to his work bench and picked up a ring and told me he had just finished making it just for me!

Now, here was this little skinny pale skinned blond 8 yr. old being told by this wise looking old man saying he had made a ring just for her! My heart swelled in my chest and my mouth hung open, I was at a loss for words but managed to get out a thank-you. He slipped the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly! I fell in love with the ring and the man who had made it just for me. To this day whenever I look at the ring I think of him and with love and gratitude.

That ring has rarely left my right ring finger and is still there today. Now you may ask how does a ring that fit perfectly on a skinny 8 yr. old’s finger, still fit on this not so skinny 2015-09-06 19.31.42and 60+ yr. old women. I don’t know. I guess the ring grew with me. It has never been too loose nor too tight.

It’s small and has a simple design of 2 turquoise stones set in the shape of wings with two silver balls in the middle above and below the wings.

I have shared this story with only a handful of people over the years, but most have agreed that this man was another one of my soul mates that left as soon as he arrived. Our brief encounter has been so much more than just a vague memory. Once someone suggested that he was one of my guardian angels, especially with the wing design on the ring. Maybe??? I feel that the ring represents one of my totem animals, hawk or eagle (usually considered 1 in the same). Maybe it’s a message from all of them. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s how I feel about the experience that’s important.

This experience is different in many ways than the woman on the bus I wrote about in my soul mates post. With this one I have the ring and it’s symbol in addition to the memory. Maybe this ring and it’s story are connected to my dream I wrote about in the  Awakenings post. Either way, my connection to this Navajo man has played a significant role in my personal spiritual growth.

I invite you think about the experiences from your childhood and see if you can connect the dots to the spiritual being you are today. There are some “how to” suggestions in the Awakenings post. Also, try going through your old photos than journal on what surfaces from those long ago memories. Be excepting of both the good and the challenging memories because they both go hand in hand in your journey this time around in Earth School. All our teachers – the winged, the finned, as well as the 2 & 4 legged kind – from the past give us insight into who we are today, in this moment, right now.



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5 thoughts on “Navajo Country

  1. What a lovely memory. I too have a Navajo ring, but it didn’t come to me in such a magical way, although, mine also has my totem animals etched on it…..I have; Turquoise & Lapiz wolves running through, mountains & trees……strange, how they connect to us, isn’t it? Travel safe on your life’s path.


    1. Thank you for sharing. Your ring sounds lovely with the turquoise & lapiz. Since the ring, I have collected many beautiful Native American pieces over the decades, which all have a story, although none as amazing as the ring.

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