Balancing Your Body’s Health

I have found that summer can be a 2 edged sword when it comes to good health, meaning it’s invigorating to get outside and exercise when the weather’s great. Plus the produce is at it’s best mid-summer and into early fall. But at the same time the heat and humidity can make me so sluggish and tired…and maybe a bit too much of that summer adventuring.

Below are “must-have” feng shui priorities for a home that will support vibrant health:
1. Fresh, good quality air. Good quality air is indeed the # 1 feng shui health priority. Work with feng shui air-purifying plants, open the window often to aerate the space, use essential oils to clear the air (check out my smudging spray), use air-purifiers especially for the A/C. Do whatever it takes to find solutions for better air in your home; breathing clean air regularly is the foundation for your health and well-being.
2. Sufficient natural light. This also includes intelligent, smart indoor lighting. Let the defused sunlight in and keep the heat out so the A/C doesn’t work too hard. Once you focus on good quality light, you will quickly sense a shift in your health and well-being. Light is our #1 nutrient, so be wise and give your body enough light nutrition. This also includes the smart use of feng shui colors, as color is light.
3. A clutter-free space. Remember, clutter is depressing energy. So just deal with it and get that clutter out, as clutter constantly drains energy from you.

Along with these feng shui health priorities, bringing balance into our body is super easy in the summer. So be sure to enjoy the abundance of produce at this time and balance the basic elements needed for good health. Those healthy greens (Wood element), lots of water (Water element) plus sweet and starchy root veggies and grains (Earth) will do the trick. Cooking on the grill and/or eating foods that are red, yellow, orange and purple will bring in the Fire element. For the Metal element go with cold and white. The colors for metal are white and gray (gray food…don’t think so!). So bring on the cold refreshing beverages with ice, and maybe some frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce (earth). Yum! 

You can also enhance the elements by bringing the energy of the needed feng shui elements with color (green or brown for Wood and blue or black for Water).

Just remember to keep balance in your diet and get out in the fresh air for a swim (water), sunshine (fire), hiking in the forest (wood), and some gardening (earth). Then when you’re done exercising, stop, close your eyes and focus of the circular (metal) movement of the breath coming in and going out with a few moments of meditation. With gratitude thank your body and our amazing planet and the sun for the life support they give us.


For information on balancing the elements with spices, check out this blog entry.


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