Feng Shui for Wealth

Need a little more wealth and prosperity to come your way? Wealth and relationship issues are the most common reasons people look to Feng Shui. There are a few simple things you can try using feng shui elements and symbols to increase the positive energy in your home (or office). By arranging your furniture and incorporating symbols for wealth and prosperity, you can invite money and abundance into your home.

Get rid of the clutter! Clutter is one of the biggest no-no’s in feng shui. Clutter bogs you down and disrupts the flow of energy. Clear everything out that you don’t need. Clean out your closets, make room under your bed, drawers, and shelves. Let the chi flow through your home. Same goes for your office.

Next you need to use the Bagua (map) to locate the wealth area in your home, property, as well as the wealth areas in each room. It’s up to you how much you want do. Remember, the wealth area is always located in the back left corner in relationship to the front door or the door to a room.

<——-door is located along this side——–>

Meaning you always enter the home/room from 1 of these 3 life areas: knowledge, career or helpful people.

Tip 1
You can add water elements to your home. Water is the main element that brings wealth to your home. Water should always be clear, moving and free flowing. Never let your water get stagnant. Think peaceful, pure and relaxing. A fish tank is one way to stimulate your wealth areas. (Ever wonder why every Chinese restaurant has a fish tank – hello!) Make sure fish are healthy and strong and always keep the tank clean. You could display pictures of water scenes, add a table top fountain. A fountain is a great way to keep your abundance flowing. A picture of flowing water will work if you cannot place a fountain in that area. Be sure you do not have vases of stagnant water and no photos or paintings of violent storms or other disturbing water scenes. Do not use water elements in bedrooms, this will have a negative impact on your finances.

Tip 2
Enhance your wealth corners by hanging wind chimes, a mobile, or by hanging Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon (if you do this make sure you use coins in the increments of 3, 6, 9, or 8 with 8 being the most powerful money number).

Tip 3
Add some plants with round leaves to your home. This is another good way to enhance your wealth area. If the plants have red or purple flowers that is even better.

Tip 4
Include photos or representations of things you want, goals, or representations of abundance and prosperity in your wealth areas. Harvest scenes indicate abundance too.

Tip 5
Add representations of richness in your wealth corner. Anything that represents richness to you, such as a jewelry box, a piggy bank, or even your purse, should be placed in your wealth areas. Other general enhancements for wealth are seashells or fish sculptures, and healthy plants.

Tip 6
Paint for prosperity. The best colors for the wealth area are green, red, purple, black and gold, with the most effective colors being red and green.

Tip 7
Open your doors and invite the wealth in. Make sure all doors open fully and easily, you don’t want a door that will not open all the way. This could affect your ability to make a comfortable living.

Tip 8
In the kitchen, focus on using positive feng shui elements in the wealth corner of the room and throughout the entire kitchen. First, make sure your plumbing is in good working order. A dripping faucet is symbolically and literally money going down the drain. It also helps to keep your drains plugged when not in use. This keeps money in your possession. You do not want to accumulate wealth then have it go down the drain. Place a small bowl overflowing with fruit on a kitchen table or island to make it look as though you have an excess of produce. It is believed that the stove has a direct connection to wealth, so make sure to keep your stove and burners are in good working condition and keep them very clean. You can also hang or place a mirror on your stove to double the number of burners seen and therefore increasing your prosperity. Keep a copper, silver, or brass teapot in your kitchen.

Tip 9
Close toilet lids! You don’t want to flush your money down the toilet. Remember to keep your drains plugged in your bathroom sinks and tubs as well and keep your plumbing in good working order.

Tip 10
Add feng shui elements throughout your home. Place a mirror in your dining room to make your table appear larger. Put a wind chime on the ceiling in your work area to attract wisdom and good chi. Place all your valuables such as your jewelry boxes, safes, or piggy bank in the far left corner of the bedroom. In your living room hang a round clear crystal on an 18 inch red cord in the far left corner to give your wealth a boost.

Tip 11
Incorporate feng shui elements outside your home, in your yard, to attract wealth and prosperity. A fountain can be placed in front of your home; the water should flow inward towards your home. Make sure you turn it off at night to let the energies rest. Place a windmill, weathervane, or any moving, spinning object in the far left corner of your backyard to stimulate energy and attract wealth.

Last, but most important…
After making the adjustments, it’s important to do a 3 part activation also known as “the 3 secrets”. It involves speech, body, and mind. The sound can be the traditional 6 word Tibetan Buddhist prayer “Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me Hum” said out loud 9 times. Or you can say an affirmation 9 times. If you do, be sure it’s worded as if it’s already happening, ex. “Wealth flows into my life very smoothly without facing any obstruction.” While you’re speaking, have your hands in a mudra, such a prayer hands. You can look for hand mudra’s online for other ideas. After you’ve spoken the words of you choice 9x’s, then visualize (most important) in detail and sequence what you want to happen. Do this for a few moments. That’s it!




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