Spiritual enlightenment or what I like to call, awakenings, doesn’t happen over night. All though some may disagree, I think we’re spoon fed little happenings at different times in our lives. Often coming in fleeting moments that we don’t even realize have deep meaning until later. Hours, days, even years later.

When I turned 10 my mother gave me a birthday party that was not any different than any other typical 10 year old’s birthday party in 1962. I don’t recall any of my other childhood birthday parties, but my 10th I can vividly remember just a few moments that have stayed with me since that day.
At some point during the party, I ran out of the house in a panic and into the backyard. I stood on the patio looking up to the blue sky and pleaded out loud, “What am I doing here”. My mother came running out and in a very concerned tone she asked me what was wrong. My answer was far from what she expected, but being the mother that she was, what ever I had to say was important to her and was treated with respect. I told her that now that I was 10 years old, I was more than old enough to know why I’m here at this time and in this body. I was upset thinking, that for some reason, I was blocking the answer and how would I know what the answer was, even if it was right in front of me.
I don’t recalled the words my mother spoke, but what ever she said, she got me to calm down. I do know that her words were kind and supportive because the warmth and reassurance I felt as we walked back into the house to re-join my party is still with me today.

Jump ahead 3 1/2 years… It’s mid summer, I’m with my family driving across the plains of South Dakota, not a bend in the road for 100’s of miles, the sky partly cloudy. While I hung my head in boredom staring out of the car window, I suddenly saw a rainbow with all the colors as clear as could be. I was mesmerized by it’s beauty and clarity. I even took a picture of it with my little instamatic camera. Of course it didn’t look anything like the real one. That rainbow was just the first of many amazing moments. What I didn’t know was that this was going to be a very special and unforgettable trip.

We were headed for the Black Hills, which Native Americans have believed for eons to be sacred land. Having travelled extensibly around the country every summer of my childhood, I had developed a strong connection to our western Native Americans and I learned why on this trip.
Nowadays we hear a lot of talk of the many energy vortexes around the world. Sedona AZ probably being the most well known in the USA. The Black Hills is another. Having visited many Native American sacred places growing up, I wasn’t totally new to the signs. But since my 10th birthday, I had begun to pay closer attention. It was on this 4 week vacation to the Dakota’s and Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower that I started to put the pieces together. The spirit powers at be made sure I got many of the hints given me. I listened with interest and understanding and my life, my world became much clearer.

Now you may ask some what, where, when and how questions about your own life’s moments of awakening. So I ask you….
Do you pay attention to your surroundings? Plug into the environment not you smart phone. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss the hints big & small and continue to ask the same questions over and over.
What are your feelings about death and dying? Scary or not? When you understand you’re a spiritual being and not just your body, that’s good. Not that you want to die. In fact I’ve told my kids (eye’s rolling) and many others that I plan to dance, I mean really dance, at my hundredth birthday.
Are you are your own person? Meaning that you are very comfortable in your own skin and take responsibility for actions. When someone can honestly say they are not concerned about what others think of them and feel solid in who they are, then the ah-ha moments of awakening pop-up more and more.
Do you tune into your intuitive powers? We all have an intuition, just not everyone cares or can easily tune into them. All you have to do is practice.
Are you interested in life? You are more interested in the pursuing knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Pay attention to the little things that appear in your life, these small interesting coincidences will show their meaning if you do. You’ll know that they can’t be attributed to just mere chance – there’s no such thing. Pay attention, as the coincidences are a sign that you’re on the right track and may answer some questions for you. As far as the painful things, look for the lesson. The lessons are always there if and when you can look beyond the pain.

So not to leave you hanging, I had many meaningful coincidences on that 1968 camping trip. While at Mt. Rushmore, I was very disturbed by the defacing of the mountain where the 4 presidents are. I had a hard time looking at it, but managed to take a few photos like everyone else was doing. But I kept asking myself, why? The land felt sacred to me and some white folks came alone and defaced it. I felt better when I saw the model and learned about the carving of Crazy Horse. Unfortunately we didn’t go see it and I haven’t been back.

I also had an amazing dream that told me that I was a Lakota (Sioux) woman in a past life and my name meant “swift cat, gentle in the wind”. The dream answered some of my questions. I wrote the dream down in much detail right away. After I finished writing it I realized that my handwriting did not look like mine at that time. But it’s the way I write now.

I went on a real spelunking adventure with my dad and brothers through Wind Cave and the guide took us off the “trail” to see the most amazing crystal growing in total darkness.
Plus there were the unforgettable reporters that where at the “back door” we came out of at the end of the spelunking trip. They were doing a story on Wind Cave for the Sunday edition of the Rapid City Journal and wanted a photo of us coming out. It was posed of course with our flashlight-hardhats on, but it was like getting hit with a cosmic 2×4 from my spirit guides. “This place is so special to you that you’re going to be in the newspaper!”

After Wind Cave we drove on to WY. When I stood near the base of Devil’s Tower (this was years before the movie ET) I looked up and remember almost being knocked over by the energy surrounding this massive ancient volcanic core. This too was very sacred land.
We traveled on to ND to Teddy Roosevelt’s National Monument for whom I am thankful for all that he did to save these sacred lands by making them into national parks…even though I knew to whom they should have been given back to. Then we headed east on our less memorable trip home, except for a quick stop at the headwaters of the Mississippi river in Minnesota. Just a little creek you could jump over…very cool!

I’ll end this post with 2 important reminders mentioned above that will aide you in your own awakening. Pay attention to the little things and write in a journal. Writing helps you not only remember, but also helps you find clarity in your experiences, the good and the painful. It also helps you stay on track and sift through what’s important and what’s just mind clutter. And, never be afraid to ask in your heart for help and/or clarity.




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  1. Today’s blog appears one day after our return from the OBX, and yes, nature is the opportunity, place, and space for the awakening and opening. Thank you for sharing your experience today. I am missing the sea and the sounds of the waves breaking more than I thought I would. Peace.

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