Do You Struggle With Abundance?

Struggle with abundance, that sounds silly. Guess it depends on what is meant by “abundance”.

The dictionary says, “a large quantity of something.” So that could be anything from material things to love to peace of mind. Abundance happens on all levels of our being. Did you know that de-cluttering your space can attract more of what you want? Why? It allows better flow of Chi (energy) throughout the space (your home/office). In the practice of Feng Shui it’s important to avoid clutter as much as possible because clutter holds you back, blocks. and stagnates the flow of Chi. In turn, you feel blocked and stagnate.

Remember, your outer environment is a reflection of your inner environment.

De-cluttering will help to put every area of your life into perspective and balance. You will then be able to see clearly what it is you want and you’ll have more time to do it. If you’re not sure, clearing the clutter will help the ideas and thoughts of new directions flow to you. I’ve had first hand experience many times that this is true. Clearing the junk in your space clears the junk in you mind.

In this issue my focus is helping you understand which areas of your life are holding you back by using the Feng Shui Bagua map on your home/office. Beware, this could be a huge eye-opener to the point of being down right spooky!

Lay this map “over” your home/office with the entrance along the bottom. Now, where do you find the most clutter? Is that the area in your life you feel most blocked or stuck?

Wealth Area: You may experience feelings of negativity and confusion concerning money.
Fame Area: You may have doubts and confusion about your stand in the community (this includes your business community too).
Marriage Area: There may be problems in your relationships. At the very least, your relationship may not be developing the way you wish.
Family Area: AKS the Relationship area. This may lead to family disagreements and issues around hopes & desires for individual family members.
Children Area: Worry and uncertainty. It can affect communication between parents and their children.
Knowledge Area: This can make it hard to learn and difficult to retain what you have learned.
Career Area: You may face uncertainty & lack of advancement in your chosen career.
Helpful People Area: You may find it hard to attract anyone, or may attract the wrong sort of person.
For a short, but informative explanation, check out this website:

Please feel free to ask me any questions, but try not to make this like rocket science, it’s fairly simple if you let it be. More info and basic advice on each area of the bagua in future posts. So stay tuned!



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