Making Space

What does making space mean to you? Where is space lacking in your life?

Space is important to all of us and it comes in different forms: land, hours in the day, square footage, a bigger kitchen, limber muscles, and even a clear mind. We are all looking, often struggling, for more space. Sometimes we even want other people’s spaces before taking up our own. Now that’s not a good thing. Space is energy. Clear space is infinite energy. Taking up our own personal space and energy is power. A good place to start is with the body. This is where yoga, especially restorative yoga comes into action by creating space within the muscle fibers in an easy and relaxing way. No yoga training necessary. 🙂


This is probably my favorite of all restorative poses because it brings space to the upper back and chest. So perfect at the end of the day because it helps to stretch out the muscles in the chest area that tighten from rounding our upper back and supports the natural curve to the upper back. Be sure to place the rolled towel/blanket behind your neck so your head feels supported. Your neck should feel 100% relaxed. If it doesn’t, try decreasing the height behind your shoulder blades.

Place your arms out to the sides at about 90 degrees or in a comfortable position in relation to your blankets. Stay here for 5 minutes. Soft relaxing music is always a nice addition. Do not practice this pose if you have disc disease or another condition of the spine, or if you are more than 3 months pregnant. If in doubt, please contact your doctor.  Lie on your back with props (rolled blankets, towels and/or pillows) placed as you see in the photo. Be sure place the arms between the 2 props. This will be very comfortable if all the props are properly in place. So make any adjustments if needed. Focus on relaxing your body onto the supports, as if it were water, flowing over stones in a mountain brook. Let go of tension in the muscles of the face, jaw and throat. Notice any feelings as they arise from your heart and simply be aware of their presence. Soften and relax your belly with each exhalation.

When you are ready to come out, roll to one side and pause there. Then gently press yourself up to sitting.  Sit quiet for a few moments until you’re ready to slowly get up.


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