What Is A Soulmate?

There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the meaning of a soulmate. It is that a soulmate is only about the perfect romantic partner. False!!!

They can be an animal, they can be a person, they can be a family member, they can be your worst enemy, or your very best friend. They can show up for a few moments or last a lifetime. Here’s the story of one of my soulmates.

One afternoon I got on a bus heading uptown from the 33rd St. Path station to my grandma Grace’s apartment. There were several empty seats on the bus, but I choose to sit down next to “a little old lady”. She looked older than my grandma with her fragile body and very white hair. To this teenage girl, she looked to be 100, but now that I’m older, I’m guessing she was probably only 5-10 yrs. older than my grandmother.

I wasn’t one to sit down next to a stranger unless I had to, but for some reason I decided to sit right next to this elderly woman, who I like to call Rose. We were sitting behind the bus driver on one of those string of seats that face the center of the bus. There were a few people sitting across from us, but I didn’t make eye contact with anyone except for maybe a passing glance or shy smile.

After a few stops Rose was still sitting next to me and I still had a ways to go before my stop. Then out of the blue she turns her head to look at me and says, “You have the most beautiful posture”. I looked at Rose with surprise and bewilderment but politely answered back, “Thank you.” Moments later she was up and on her way off the bus. I remember sitting there amazed, proud, and filled with such love in my heart for this woman. But, it wasn’t until many years later that I realized what a magnificent gift of the heart Rose had given me. I’m guessing she didn’t know either, at least not from this earthly plane. 

Now Rose, like my grandma Grace, is long gone. But ever since that day on the bus I remember her with such love every time I feel myself starting to slouch or realize (OMG!) I’m totally hunched over. I immediately sit up straight and whisper. “Thank you Rose”.

Rose had a job, to come, stay for a few moments, then be gone. But what she left in me will stay with me forever. This one small woman gave me a great sense of pride in myself, to keep my heart open, and to believe in the love that my heart holds. That’s what good posture does. I think of her often…aways with a smile. Rose was one of my soulmates. 

Soulmates come into our lives to teach us, make demands that give us strength, raise our vibration, and feed our soul. They aren’t always kind to us, but they all love us on a soul level. We fight some and embrace others. But in some way, big or small, they make us better. We only need to do our part and listen, except their challenges, and their love so our soul can grow.

With love,


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