Finding the Quiet

In my early years growing up in Houston Texas, sometime between the ages of 5 and 6, I gravitated to a part of the backyard that was not in the path of my family’s daily living. Opposite the driveway was a narrow strip of the side-yard that had a high (all relative to little me) brick wall with a wooden gate leading to the front yard. On one side of this strip of yard was the screened-in porch that was accessed from the living room as well as a large patio. On the other side of this strip was a chain-link fence that bordered our neighbor. Growing up the fence was wisteria.

Oh, how I loved that wisteria! The fragrant purple flowers hanging over my head like a jungle canopy, the twisting vines dense with green and brown filling up all the holes in the fence to the point it created “my” own little cave. I never even minded the bees buzzing over my head, nor did I ever get stung.

I would sit there for hours on end talking to who ever would listen. The wood fairies, tree elves, nature spirits and other spirits of all kinds.  I didn’t consider this to be strange at all, but certainly didn’t want anyone to know because this was my place to be with me and to visit with my invisable friends.

At some point I brought out my little metal gray and red folding table and matching chair so I could sit and “work” on creative projects, talk and not be bothered by anyone. Sometimes I came across a dead grass-hopper or other such creature and carefully buried them in my nearby graveyard that was between the back of the porch and the brick wall. Nothing much could grow there because of the deep shade, but the dirt was soft and pliable. I would speak to the nature spirits asking for them to take care of this little thing. I think a kitten or 2 may have been buried back there as well, but don’t remember for sure. I just felt that is was the ideal place to put everything that had once lived.

Now who would have ever known what this special place could mean to me now, so many years later? Well, as I grew to be an adult, it became clear to me that taking care of myself was about survival, mentally, physically and emotionally. I did this by honoring the time needed in a quiet space, connect with source by looking inward, and understanding the important role nature has in my well being. This certainly doesn’t just apply to me, it is the same for all humans.

I can only suggest to you, no matter how busy you are, to take a few moments daily to sit, listen to the sounds of nature with your eyes closed and feel the energy that connects use all. We are all connected. Once this is realized, peace will happen.


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